Neil Warner

Neil Warner

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Loving an emotionally unavailable man? we feel your pain....

Is there an emotionally unavailable man in your life?

We are working on the issue of people who can't connect with others at a personal level, due to having an avoidant attachment from childhood. This people can connect with others, because the initial trauma has condicioned them to expect either abuse or abandonment from others. So, is better to detach emotionally from others...up until the point when they have to be in a relationship.

This is a real challenge: they need company; everybody else has a partner or is part of a couple, and they try to relate to other person in an intimate relationship...that is empty of substance. And it has to be done with a person who ignores the root of the detachment...perhaps repressed and forgotten by the same man who plays the role of single kind man in search of his love...up until you take the bait.

Learn to identify the signals that tell if you are in a "relationship" with a man that is emotionally unavailable, here:

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